Giving Back

From January 2021 onward, a portion of all our profits will be donated to Youth Mental Health Canada. YMHC is a grassroots non-profit focused on advocacy and education for change in the youth mental health field on a local, national, and international level. A national network of youth, their families, educators, and fellow community members, they take action through a variety of educational campaigns, initiatives, services, resources and programs. 

Ghoul RIP's mission as a business is to provide an outlet for self-expression through clothing. We believe self-expression to be one of the most important aspects of self care. However, we also believe that self-expression is not enough: far too many artistic and stylistic visionaries of our time are gone too early. To help address this systemic problem at its root, we selected YMHC. As a Canadian company primarily serving young people, we felt this organization would address the needs of our community as well. 

Since its inception, our company has been connected to the struggles of those affected by mental health issues. The name 'Ghoul RIP' arises from our founder's own struggles. The word Ghoul, from the undead creatures of folklore that prey upon and devour humans, was used to represent the dark side of our founder that threatened to consume them entirely. The acronym RIP, for Rest In Peace, represents our founder's efforts to put that side of themselves to rest. Many of our early designs directly reflected this. As a reflection of the wearer's emotion, much of our clothing still does.  

There is unfortunately no quick fix to the mental crisis affecting the world today. However, by providing education and resources to youth, we believe that YMHC can make a difference. We are giving back to support that difference.